Online Consulting


Our client can book their appointment with our lawyers in many different way. Client can request to have their consultation via phone, skype, office visit, email and chat services. These are the steps to book appointment with our lawyers.

Step # 1. Search lawyers of your choice by clicking following link...

Step # 2. Once you find choice of your lawyers by going to detail profile page, you can look for "Book Consult" button. If you see it is clickable in the "Book Consult" button, you can see different types of consultation choice once click and you can select the one you wish to book.

Step # 3. You can pay using either paypal or khalti gateway.

Step # 4. Once you pay, you will get email confirmation.

Step # 5. We will match you correct lawyers and have our lawyers contact you within reasonable time frame.

Step # 6. Once you get consultation with our lawyers, you will get feedback email from us and you are advise to leave feedback to your lawyers.

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