Ilam District Court

Ilam District Court

Ilam District Court Panchthar District Court Taplejung District Court Jhapa District Court Dhankuta District Court Bhojpur District Court. Ilam is one of four urban municipalities of Ilam District, which is in the hilly region of Province No. 1. Ilam also acts as the headquarters of Ilam District.

Services of Ilam District Court:

1. Details of varified decision.

2. Published daily muscle list.

3. Published weekly muscle list.

4. Information provide about complementary muscle list.

5. Provide details of the issue.


Ilam District Court Judges/Members

Mr. Harishchandra Ingnam

Mr. Harishchandra Ingnam

Honorable Judge

Mr. Harishchandra Ingnam is an Honorable Judge of Illam District Court.

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Ilam District Court


Lawyers who can serve you in Ilam District Court

Advocate Lakshmi Prasad Adhi...

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  • Bhadrapur Municipality Ward No.8 , Jhapa
  •   11 Years Experience

Practice Area : Employment / Hydro Power Energy and 15 more