Shiva is one of the partners of Pioneer Law Associates and has been with Pioneer since 1992. His main areas of professional activities are banking, contract and corporate matters of national and multi national companies, public & private interest litigation, mediation, and arbitration. Shiva had advised clients on various commercial issues. He has also worked on a number of legal and regulatory reform projects.

Shiva specializes in banking, contract, labor, aviation, international trade, corporate transaction and litigation.

Shiva has played leading roles in PLA’s team in the area of litigation. He is actively working on and is one of the leaders of the corporate sector (especially banking, contract, company corporate law and in arbitration) and he has played a monumental role in the progress and expansion of the litigation department of PLA.

Kathmandu School of Law.
Nepal Law Campus.
Bachelor of Laws

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Supreme Court Bar Association, Nepal
Former Executive Secretary
Bar Contract Law Committee (Nepal Bar Association)
People Forum for Human Right (People’s Forum)
SAARC Law, Nepal
INSOL Nepal, etc.

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