Ancestral Property Query

Ancestral Property Query

Hi Sir/Mam,

I have small query regarding Ancestral Property. Any advice would be appreciated.

Can a third marriage window (no kids of her own) after acquiring Ancestral Property from her Father-in-Laws sell her acquired lands without consent of her brother-in-law or step-daughters?

And who will be the legal heir of her lands?


Dan Bahadur


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    3 weeks ago

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    Alpana Bhandari

  • Advocate Lakshmi Prasad Adhikari Says:
    3 weeks ago
    सबै कुरा नबुझी प्रमाण तथा अन्य कागज नहेरी भन्दा अदुरो हुन्छ की?

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    2 weeks ago

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