How to get the custody of my 4 years old kid who is forcefully taken by my laws and give to my parents

How to get the custody of my 4 years old kid who is forcefully taken by my laws and give to my parents

Hello there, I am currently living in Australia and have a 4 years old kid. He was born here in Australia but I dropped him to Nepal in mid 2019 for sometime as I had some hardships here. When I planned to bring him back in few months Covid locked everything as we all know. I left him to my parents as they live in dhangadhi and my laws live in Bajhang. My parents were with me when he was born here and they love him immensely. It’s been 

more than a year my child is with my laws now. My parents left him there for sometime coz they had some matters to finish last year. We didn’t say anything about him living in pahad for a year. But in December he turned 4 and we were planning to put him in a good school in dhangadhi. You can imagine what type of upbringing he might be getting in pahad and that too a child who is supposed to come to Australia. Then in the month of February me and my husband decided to talk to his parents to discuss about our child to shift to dhangadhi. They were not happy about it but they said he’s your child do whatever you want. We Requested them to send him there but they said they won’t and asked us to arrange for the travel by ourselves. Then I arranged his travel with the help of my father and asked my father to go and pick him up. He then went there to pick up as per my request. He even called them before leaving for Bajhang and before reaching there house. Then he reached there and he thought of doing video call to show our child but it didn’t connect. So he started taking phone videos. After a while, my laws started to talk to him badly, lot of shatters, sarcasms followed by curses. All of these got recorded. They even tried to beat him up. He kept calming them down. He never cursed them back. He even said to not to behave like that. He said sone give me the child it’s fine but plz don’t behave like this. But they kept abusing him. He just defended them Nicely. I knew that they were jealous but I didn’t know they would such a blunder. Then he was thrown out of the house. He had flight booked for my child and for himself next morning. I requested my father in law to send him to the airport anyhow. My dad also waited but they didn’t send him. We came to know about everything they did to my dad and this was that was the worst night of my life. My husband got to the true Colors of his parents. They blamed my father for their bad intentions and everything. We always knew what kind of people they were but never thought they would cross the limit this far. Then my husband and his father had intense arguments because of this. And then my laws blocked both of us. They haven’t shown us our child since 26th Feb 2022. We have seen him for three times in these two months upon requesting an uncle. We tried everything to sort this out internally but in vain. I realised that they won’t change. Then I decided to take help of other authorities. I contacted a constable of Bajhang and he asked me to contact the DSP. I contacted him too and explained everything. Since my father in law is a influential person in Bajhang as is he a DFO, DSP knew him and he said he will talk to my father in law. But what happened, nothing!!! In fact, this DSP joined my father in law and asked me to back off. He asked me to tolerate this shit. Where is the justice?? Why can’t the system just process and do the right thing??? These laws are no less than a criminal to me. They have kidnapped my child. Even lawyers there are his friend and they do nothing. Please help me and help me get the Justice. First crime they did was to threaten, curse and attempt to hit my dad who was a guest and second crime they did is keeling my child there forcefully. And please note, if you think why we are not going there and bringing our child here, then I should tell you that visa is the reason. He doesn’t have a visa and we can’t go coz  we have visa condition. I have applied for a visa for my child but we it will take time. I wish I could put my laws in jail. If not In jail, at least I want the custody of my child and no Rights regarding my child to them. They are saying that they won’t send their grandchild to dhangadhi, no matter what we do. Please help!!!!!

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