1. Ramya lamichhane is among one of the top 10 female lawyers in Nepal. Recognized by Nepal Bar Council as one of the most influential women lawyers, who not only is a lawyer but also is a human rights activist has made a significant influence on the women’s rights movement in Nepal. She has energetically dealt with Divorce, Child Custody, domestic violence cases and cases that involved sexual minorities.  she was also involved in the drafting of the Civil code of Nepal.


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LL.B From Nepal Law Campus
Kathmandu School of Law
LL.M (Master of Laws)
मलाइ फोन गर्नू होला
तपार्इको केही समस्या छ भने

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Rammaya lamichhane
Advocate Miss Rammaya lamichhane
Advocate Miss Rammaya lamichhane
Advocate Rammaya Lamichhane

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If you are thinking of divorce, list out how many properties are under the ownership of the name of the family of husband and wife. If the child is together, the matter should take into consideration who would make the maintenance of the child. If you are thinking of divorce, never desert the home you are residing in. 

In the case of divorce, in a different situation, there shall separate and separate importance. If the husband is rich and a man of high profile and the case is sensitive and property share will be important.  If the husband has no property and both of them have the child, the maintenance of the child will be important.  Likewise, in any of the cases, the husband makes documents fraudulently ignoring give the property share. In such a situation the subject of doing fraudulence will be important.  

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